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Riverfest 2004

The Mill Brook Task Force at work,Riverfest 2004

Mill Brook Taskforce Membership

Jack Crosby

Carole Gupta

Bruce Mac Alpine

John & Lorna Mack

Elizabeth Morris

John & Fran Neville

Allan Schmidt

Katie Holden, Acting Natural Resources Administrator

et al.

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March 11th, 2006, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters
73 Weir Hill Road, Sudbury MA

Concord’s Mill Brook Task Force

Allan H. Schmidt


A. Restore, protect and promote the Mill Brook

1. Catch Basin Tagging and citizen adoption program plus brochure development

            Catch non-point source pollutants .e.g. road or lawn run-off.

2. Mill Brook Bridge signage and history documentation program

            Identify each bridge & the Mill Brook.

3. Mill Brook Heywood Street bridge reconstruction on by DPW

            First bridge in Concord.

4. Mill Brook (Thoreau?) foot-bridge on Cambridge Turnpike at CLP pole#26 by DPW

            Thoreau’s favorite entry to Town forest.

5.  Identify XYZ coordinates of Brister’s spring via GPS plus likely Walden Pond

 underground connection as per USGS 2001 report.


B. Provide for passive recreation and public access

1. Thoreau’s Amble project path development and boardwalk $4k grant

            Path construction in town forest complete, boardwalk funded.

2. Emerson’s foot-bridge and boardwalk program

            Emerson Association approval for boardwalk.


D. Mill Brook Task Force Publications

1. Mill Brook Historic Tour*

2. Catch Basin Tagging Project*

3. Mill Brook Task Force Brochure*

4. Concord’s Mill Brook – Flowing through Time

*: Available online: http://www.concordnet.org/dplm/mill%20brook%20brochures.html

or at Concord NRC office


E. Other

My blog Available online: http://spaces.msn.com/AllanHSchmidt1935/



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March Soliloquy

What is a bulb
to do?

My belly swells,
roots tingle and dance;
I must expand

or explode.

Tender shoots,

my first, were

scythed down

by murderous

Rowdy siblings
crowd and shove;
hey, rude-niks,
get out of my face!

Can I push up,

risk the cold?
My shoulders ache
with holding back.

Oh, Light, Oh, Warmth,
this waiting hurts.
Please, tell me it’s time
to burst through.

Elizabeth Morris 2002

Member Mill Brook Task Force

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