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Where is it?

Southeast of Heywood Street, northeast of Thoreau Street, west of Shadyside Ave., south of Virginia Road and Meriam Rd.,, and northwest of the Concord/Lincoln town line. (approx boundary)

Where does it originate?

Walden Pond and Sandy Pond, subsurface glacial deposit outflows into Fairyland Pond and Crosby’s Pond.

What is it (history, current, future)

How it was mapped over time, (predates Concord).

Changes in land use, land cover, vegetation, animal life and human activity.

Potential for additional documentation by the Mill Brook Task Force.

Where are its major tributary branches, natural and man-made?

Three major tributaries (from the east, south, and north)

Tributaries from the east: (from Walden Pond)

South of Police station flowing east flowing under Walden Street (Poor House?).

East of High School flowing east under Thoreau Street.

East of Community gardens flowing east under Walden Street (Cargill’s Ditch).

Tributaries from the south (from Walden & Sandy Ponds)

Brister’s Spring swamp flowing north to Fairyland Pond

Other natural springs along the south shore of Fairyland Pond (, subsurface glacial deposit outflows from Walden Pond).

Outflows from Fairyland Pond dam flow south through Thoreau’s Hubbard’s Close paralleling Brister’s Ridge to Cambridge Turnpike, then north to a merge with tributary from the east flowing under Cambridge Turnpike from the north: (Sandy Pond).

Tributaries from the north: (Sandy Pond)

South of Merriam’s Corner flowing west crossing Lexington Road (from Bedford Level),

Intersecting with Saw Mill Brook then flowing north under Hawthorne Lane, then flowing either 1) west, under Cambridge Turnpike where it merges with Fairyland dam outflow (above) or 2) north, (Abel Moore’s 1828 drainage ditch?) flowing north parallel to and east of Cambridge Turnpike for 100 yards (before turning west, flowing under Cambridge Turnpike and merging with the main Channel near the Ice House.

From there the Mill Brook returns to Heywood Meadow and its journey through downtown Concord, the Milldam and stone grinding wheels by Anderson’s Market and potential site for a new pedestrian bridge connecting the Keyes’s road Parking area with a walkway behind Main Street stores and complementing the Chamberlain Bridge and creating a public downtown walkway,

Then flowing under the former railroad bridge behind Concord Lumber and continuing to the Concord River, the Mill Brook’s primary outlet.

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