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It looks to me as though the invasive Purple Loostrife growing in the Mill Brook by the Cambridge Turnpike bridge is beginning to be chocked out by
Phragmites australis, an invasive reed.
I recall the warning by Peter Alden to that effect during our 11/11/2006 Nature Walk. (see below)
Is there a cure or are we just watching evolution?

The Purple Loostrife did not


in the Mill Brook until July 8, a week later than last year.
On the plus side, native Cattails seem to be returning after having been chocked out by the Loosestrife!
Native Cattails are preferable to the invasive Purple Loostrife or
Phragmites australis.
For more info see: http://www.earthworksboston.org/urbanwilds/UWinvasive_alt.htm.

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