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Drivers and pedestrians on Cambridge Turnpike may have
noticed a new pedestrian crosswalk adjacent to the bridge over the Mill Brook at Cambridge Turnpike Crossing.  Closer inspection reveals that the sidewalk has been repaired and elevated for improved wildlife viewing and safer access to Concord’s Hapgood-Wright Town Forest.

The recently reconstructed sidewalk over the Mill Brook
provides a convenient platform for viewing local feathered, finned and furred wildlife, as well as native and invasive flora. 

This year, birds observed at this crossing included redwing blackbirds, mallard ducks, Canada geese, great blue herons, swamp warblers, etc.

(See also the 2006 Christmas bird count for the adjacent Town Forest.)

Aquatic species included snapping and painted turtles, frogs
and fish.  Consideration is being given to restocking the Mill Brook with brook trout. 

Mammals observed include beaver, otter and coyote.

Flora included the native cattails and the non-native phragmites
reeds and purple loosestrife.

For a pleasant walk along a part of the Bay Circuit Trail that Allan Schmidt refers to as “Thoreau’s Trail”, begin on the sidewalk in
front of the Emerson House or Concord Museum and walk east on the Cambridge Turnpike sidewalk. 

Continue for about 100 yards and cross the Mill Brook.

At the newly installed pedestrian crosswalk turn right, following the painted markers to the to the Town Hapgood Wright Forest’s eastern entrance.

From this point the Bay Circuit Trail leads to Fairyland Pond and Brister’s Spring within the Forest; to the Thoreau Monument (aka
“Thoreau’s Path”) on Brister’s Hill; and, across Route 2, to Walden

For more information and images of the flora and fauna mentioned above, see: spaces.msn.com/AllanHSchmidt1935/

Allan Schmidt is Chairman of the Mill Brook Task Force, a group of volunteers organized under the Natural Resources Administration.



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