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The Mill Brook water quality changes over the length of its several branches due to the environment through which it moves.

At its sources, Brister’s Spring and Crosby’s Pond, the water should its coolest and cleanest.  If so, the 1996 data recorded below may be listed in reverse order, i.e. Site #1 and 2 may refer to Fairyland Pond and Crosby’s Pond while sites #7 and 8 may refer to Chamberlain Park and Mill Brook Way.

Initially the Mill Brook passes through farmlands where pesticides and fertilizers may enter the water.
Further downstream the Mill Brook passes through residential areas which may further contribute non-point source contaminants. 
Finally the Brook flows through the Heywood Meadow and Mill Dam area in Concord Center and is further polluted by urban runoff.

The map below depicts my guess estimate of Mill Brook water quality in the three stages described above and color coded as green, blue and red.

This is only an estimate and should be studied and measured by qualified professionals in the field .g. the Mass Dept of Water Resources.

Only then will we know where trout can reasonably be expected to survive.

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