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Walking with Walter Brain on the Emerson-Thoreau Amble
The walk on 6/14 was basically a repeat of last year’s walk and was a Riverfest 2008 event..

See blog entry below for 6/12/2007

Walkers this year included  Barbara Bell, Sue Brown, Walter Brain, Holt and Joyce Ennis, Allan Schmidt and Suzanne Williams.

See photo below taken at Cargill’s Creek (Ditch) Bridge.

Walkers each received copies of the images shown below courtesy of the Concord NRC.

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The Mill Brook was unusually clear last week and it was possible to
watch a large (12”) snapping (?) turtle swimming from the bridge to the
opposite shore.

A new Red Wing Blackbird still changing its color from white
to red wing stripes watched from a tree above the Brook.

Poison Ivy and yellow irises also made their
appearance by the sidewalk.

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