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Numerous locations appearing on Gleason’s 1906 Map of Thoreau’s Concord
can still be found today. 

Gleason’s map
does not depict Fairyland Pond but does show Brister’s Spring and a swamp
leading towards Cambridge Tpke.  

Mill Brook’s location crossing Hawthorne Lane on Gleason’s 1906 Map is similar to the USGS 1894
Reconnaissance map and likely was derived from it.

The USGS 1894 map
also does not include Fairyland Pond Hawthorne Lane.

The location of the Hawthorne Lane Mill Brook
bridge appears more generalized on the Gleason and USGS maps than its location as shown by Thoreau in
1850, 1853 and 1860 as well as later (e.g. 1950) USGS maps.

 This suggests the USGS 1894
Reconnaissance map was quite generalized when recording hydrographic and road features (i.e. location of the Mill Brook and its Hawthorne Lane roadway and bridge as well the omission of Goose Pond NE of Walden Pond).

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