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Trails Committee Town Report

Ken Miller (Chair), Harry Beyer, David Clarke, Lydia
Gregoret, Bill Kemeza, Jonathon Keyes, George Lewis (NRC liaison), Peter
Siebert, Allan Schmidt 

The Trails Committee was established in October 2007 to
monitor the condition of existing public trails and markings, to identify areas
needing improvement, and to propose appropriate locations for new trails. 

The committee spent most of 2008 planning how to mark
trails. After extensive discussions and consultation with representatives from
Acton, Lincoln and Wellesley, the committee adopted a 3-color system of plastic
blazes. Main trails and loops are marked with yellow blazes, secondary trails
with red, and connecting trails with blue. This helps visitors determine what
trail to take. Eventually some trails may also be named with special signs.

The Hapgood Wright Town Forest was chosen for the trail
marking pilot project because of its popularity with hikers.  The Town Forest
and adjacent conservation lands comprise 183 acres, and form the largest
conservation area owned by the town. The committee is also investigating the
possibility of having one of the trails in the Town Forest be handicapped

The Town Forest was fully blazed
in November. Maps are soon to be finalized, both the large map to be placed at
the entrance to the Town Forest and pocket maps that can be downloaded by
hikers from the
town web site:


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