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Former slaves once lived in what is
today the Concord Town Forest.

             Their lives
are vividly described in a captivating new book “Black Walden” by Elise Lemire.
This book, which sheds light on Concord’s former slaves and the lives they
lived.  After reading this book, you may wish to visit the historic trails, spring, and home sites referred
to by Thoreau and which provided a grim environment for the former slaves.  The trails, spring and home-site locations
have recently been mapped by members of Concord’s Trails Committee as well as
the Mill Brook Task Force.

The map may be seen online at http://www.concordma.gov/pages/ConcordMA_NaturalResources/ConservationLand/townforestmap.pdf


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For a detailed chronolgy of Brister Freeman (circa 1744-1822) and his wife Fenda in the Concord Town Forest see:


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