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J. Walter Brain


  1. J. Walter Brain

March 19, 1936 – April 19, 2015

Home Trek

On I trek the length of that grassy lane

Amidst green and misty rolling fields

And the far woods, a fieldstone wall by the side

Of the lane coasting along up and down hill

To the measure of my unwary, idle stride,

To the swing of my arms and the beating of my heart…

Am I now going anywhere?

For I feel I’ve arrived, though never did I leave

And have been here all along, seduced by these fields

And mists, a lonely elm past my trek,

A red barn looms farther on, the sky abloom

Mauve and rose, whether the first blush

Of day or eventide’s glimmer matters not,

My words echoing my footfalls all along.

  1. J. Walter Brain

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